Preparing Your Walk-In Bathtub

Preparing Your Walk-In Bathtub

Setting up a walk-in bathtub can, sometimes, end up being an uphill struggle. The main concern that installers and contractors have prior to taking the job is whether the walk-in tub will fit the typical US 60-inch bath tub opening and also if it will, just how hard will it be to place as well as connect all the electrical wiring and pipes? Much like we stated in our previous blog posts on Access Tubs walk-in bathtubs blog, most of the existing walk-in bathtub vendors supply items that were manufactured overseas and do not abide by US plumbing as well as security criteria. Installing such walk-in tubs can be a pain to both: installer and a house owner. That’s why we encourage clients to get in touch with the facility before purchasing their walk-in tub as well as verify that the bathtub will certainly be delivered with all the necessary paperwork such as user’s manual, service warranty card and pipes certifications. Initially, you need to examine the package for any kind of damages that may have taken place during shipping.

A lot of times, freight business never mind managing their plans with essential treatment. Situations of damaged-during-shipping goods are commonly recognized to walk-in tub suppliers. Hence, it is very important to see to it that your walk-in tub bundle will certainly be guaranteed by a shipping company before making a real acquisition. Examining the plan for any type of visual problems must be done before unpacking the walk-in tub. Installer has to meticulously look for any dents/scratches on the plan.

Even though walk-in tubs are typically made from acrylic and/or fiberglass, sturdy products, the pipes connections are typically fragile and also require to be handled with treatment and caution. stroll in bathtubs can never be lifted by plumbing links; doing so can result in future leakages. Read the guarantee explanation meticulously prior to the installation. Some firms can decline approving the return. As soon as you ensured that your walk-in bath tub has actually arrived securely and that there are no aesthetic problems, do not hesitate to continue to the testing stage which include just a few simple steps. Note that even though walk-in tubs are typically evaluated at the factory, a great deal of times damages in the pipes connections can occur during transportation or packaging. For a full test of the walk-in tub, you are mosting likely to need a flat surface and also location big enough to enable accessibility to the walk-in bathtub from all sides in case of a leak and drain the bathtub after the testing procedure is total.

Area the walk-in bathtub of the level, evenly-leveled surface.

Shut the drainpipe as well as fill up the walk-in bathtub with water.

Leave the walk-in tub filled with water for 25-30 mins and after that analyze the walk-in tub as well as the drain for any leaks/damages.

If tub is jetted, supply electrical to the walk-in system and compete 10 minutes and inspect for leaks. Check the unions around the pump; if leaks persist from the unions after tightening up; loosen up the unions and insure the O-ring is seated correctly.

Last yet not lease, make certain that all the jets are operating appropriately. *.

*- if the pumps are not working, guarantee that the wire is linked and also the electric breaker’s power is on.

Now that the bathtub is examined, proceed the setup prep work part. It is important to get the walk-in tub completely planned for the installation procedure. Besides the regular walk-in tub maintenance, important electrical safety measures should be taken. Prior to continuing any kind of even more, please clean the bathtub of any dust or dust that could have accommodated throughout delivery. If you are buying a US-manufactured walk-in bathtub, it needs to have 4x leveling feet. Change the walk-in tub degree accordingly.

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