Comparing Car Loans

There are an increasing number of brand-new vehicles when traveling yearly and also because of this the previously owned market is also expanding. Many people now transform their vehicle consistently, so the automobile financing industry is now massive and can be confusing. When you start looking at automobiles, whether utilized or all new, you need to additionally consider how you […]

How Cloud Computing Simplifies the Complexities

By now, we all know that Cloud Computing provides companies with an easy to use, flexible and resourceful technological environment to accelerate the development and implementation of any project. It reduces costs and allows companies to forget about technical complexities and focus on the real core of their business. But where is the security when an enterprise outsources the management […]

Tips to protect your home network

Tips to protect your devices, your home network and your privacy from cybercrime. Do you have a wifi connection at home? Do you have at least one connected device at home? Do you receive visits from family and friends? And most importantly: Are you sure everything is properly protected? By the time you finish this article you will have a […]

Protect your computer against threats

How many times have you despaired and wanted to get rid of your computer because it starts to fail, won’t let you use a program or is extremely slow? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, these situations occur quite often due mainly to our often naive behaviour on the Internet. Our behaviour on the net can end up costing us […]

Computer security in social networks

Social networks are sometimes the Trojan horse by which a cyber criminal can obtain private data from our company. The lack of caution when handling social media sometimes leads companies to make mistakes that can later prove very expensive. However, computer security measures can be applied to social networks to prevent these problems from occurring. In this post we would […]

What is application security?

What is application security? Application security is the discipline of processes, tools and practices that aim to protect applications from threats throughout the application lifecycle. Cybercriminals are organized, specialized and motivated to detect and exploit vulnerabilities in business applications in order to steal data, intellectual property and confidential information. Application security can help organizations protect all types of applications (such […]